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Summer Newsletter

Hi All,

We’ve made it to the Summer Holidays and what a busy couple month’s it’s been and still lots more going on!

Try outs

Try outs were successful and we were all blown away by how well all the athletes did and everyone should’ve received an email saying if they were successful and what squad they have been placed on. Please email Bexx to inform her on whether you’d like to accept your place on the competition squad.


All Schedules for daytime Carnival Practices have gone out now so please check your emails and as stated in the email please make as many practices as possible so your child feels confident in what they are doing. Also, please note it is too late now to pull out of this event. With 85 athletes taking part it has taken me a long time to put together this schedule based on who is attending and it could affect the other members of the team if you do change your mind.

As for the evening Carnival we will be practicing at training on Wednesdays. We will have a slight change in groups and times to accommodate for everyone so if your child is in Super (Green) and Ultimate (Red) and they are NOT doing the evening carnival can they please come on Wednesdays from 16th August at 7-8 pm. If you child is in these groups and is DOING the evening carnival please can they attend training from 8-9. This is so I can have everyone taking part together and still give the athletes not taking part their training.

Any Problems let me know.

September 2017

So as of September, all the changes will begin and we will have 7 squads running. If your child is staying in Recreational Squad so that is Rising, Shooting, Soaring and Super they will remain on a Wednesday and you will need to change your Standing order after the August payment has come out to £20 per child per month. Please note this needs to be done by you I cannot change it and you must do it before September! If your child changes their mind and would like to try out for comp squad they have until December to make this decision after this we cannot accept any new athletes for Comp Squad.

If your child has been successful to get into Comp Squads that is, Phoenix, Ultimate and Cosmic you will train the first Three Wednesdays a month and every Friday. Again, please make sure you change your standing order if needed after the August payment and before September.

In September, I will be doing Uniform orders so will contact you all. Please also make sure you have noted down the training times, dates and where they are.


We have a new coach joining us from September Abi, who will be running the recreational classes. She has lots of experience and currently is a cheerleader at her Uni in Eastbounre, Panthers. She is a fully qualified Level 1 and 2 Coach and was also on our panel for the try outs. She has started attending some training sessions to meet the children and is really looking forward to coaching them come September.

As always please check out website for up to date details and please note there is no lesson on Wednesday 9th August as I am on holiday. I will be away from 4th August – 14th August. So, any emails, messages or calls won’t be answered until then.

Carnival Rehearsal Schedule just for people doing the DAYTIME carnival:

Monday 21st August

9-10 Group 1

10-11 Group 2

Thursday 31st August

9-10 Group 1

10-11 Group 2

All at Elite Dance and Drama Academy in Bell Walk, Uckfield. Which group your child is in was emailed out.

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