Firstly, a big thank you for attending a taster session and showing an interest in our

Spirit Elite Recreational Cheer Squad.

Cheerleading is a fun and athletic sport, but to become a cheerleader the athlete must be professional and hard working.

Here at Spirit Elite we will have some house rules of:

Always try your best

The words CANT OR CANNOT are banned!

Support one another and work as a team.

The Cheer mat is a moan free zone! This is so we can achieve our potential. 

Rising Stars - 4:00-5:00pm Reception - Year 2 

Shooting Stars 5:00-6:00pm Year 3&4 

Soaring Stars 6:00-7:00pm Years 5&6

Super Stars 7:00-8:00pm Years 7+

Classes are every Tuesday at RB Arts Academy

Twinkle Stars - 10:00-10:30 am 2-4 years 

Wednesday at RB Arts Academy

Infinity Stars 18+ 

Classes are every Wednesday 8-9pm at RB Arts Academy

Term Dates

Reopen 12th September- 23rd October

Term 2: 31st October – 18th December

Term 3: 9th January – 12th February

Term 4: 20th February – 1st April

Term 5: 17th April – 28th May

Term 6: 5th June – 16th July