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Winter Newsletter

Hi everyone, Here is our first newsletter for the year! And we have lots planned for this year but the big one is our 2nd Birthday Showcase.

But first I am really excited to inform you all that we now have a Tumble Coach on board with us here at Spirit Elite who will doing at least once a month a full lesson of tumbling, as well as the opportunity for tumble workshops in half term and the opportunities for private tumbling lessons. I am still teaching as well but just means we have more coaches on hand and giving the children more experiences. So I would like to introduce Beth:

Beth began gymnastics at the age of 7 after a little while trying

all styles of dance. She competed at national level multiple times then unfortunately sustained an injury that caused her to stop gymnastics at the age of 12 and began Trampolining, which she competed again to national level. Her best competition was in Denmark where she represented the country and placed 4th! At the age of 15 she was signed out of sports due to several injuries but sneakily took up tumbling at national level. This is when she decided to pursue her sporting love in coaching. She is now a level 1 Trampolining coach and coaches for FunAbounds as well as a level 2 general gymnastics coach for Sussex Gymnastics Academy. Beth is currently at college studying sport, psychology and art and has been coaching for 3 years. She is looking forward to meeting everyone at Spirit Elite and if you have any questions she is happy to answer them! ​

We are also giving opportunities to our 15-16 year olds so they can work on their junior coaching assistant course. Some expressed an interest before and if they still are interested please let me know, they will need to gain some experience for this by coming along and doing some hand on coaching and learning to get them ready for the course. So please email me if your daughter would like to do this. We already have one of our Ultimate Athletes Ruby who is training and is about to be booked onto her course. ​

On Sunday May 7th will be our second birthday Showcase where all the children will perform their competition routines for you, all children who take part will receive a medal and some children will be chosen to receive a trophy. Please put this in your diaries and I will be giving out tickets nearer the time as well as timings for you all. This is a free event but we will however be having a raffle for our fundraiser.

We will be having a photoshoot for some new flyers with Simon Butler and will be of the new competition uniform. I will be contacting you all soon on a location, date and time.


We will be raising money again this year for more equipment for the athletes particularly some new mats and a wedge. ​

We will be doing some more Fundraisers this year, starting with a Disco for our Rising, Shooting and Soaring kids. There will an arrange of games and activities as well as some sweets and drinks. This will be on Saturday 11th March 5-7:30 for £5 a ticket and £3 for any non-Cheerleaders. Parents are welcome to stay or not completely up to you. This will take place at Elite Dance and Drama Academy studios, in Bell Walk Uckfield. Tickets will be on sale after half term. But will be a nice event for the children to dress up have a party and socialise with one another outside of cheer, which is great for team work.

For our Super and Ultimate Stars we will be doing a sleepover on Saturday 18th March from 6 on the Saturday and pick up between 9:30-10 on the Sunday. The tickets for this is £8 as all children will get pizzas we will also watch some films and play some games etc. They will need a sleeping bag and pillow for this event and again it will be held at the Studios in Bell Walk Uckfield.

If your child isn’t a fan of sleeping over and would just like to come for the first part and pizza please let me know and we can discuss this. Tickets on sale after half term. ​

​Finally for our raffle that will be announced on Sunday 7th May we will be asking lots of local business to donate to this so if you are a local business and would like to donate then please let me know. All children will have 5 lines of raffle tickets to sell at a £1 each and these can be sold to any family or friends and then the money needs to be returned to Bexx with the other side of the slips with a clear name and contact number. These will start to go out at the end of February but in the meantime if you do have a raffle prize to donate please get in contact. ​


So lots of people have been asking about competitions and uniform. Please see further on to get the dates on when the competitions are and when they need to be paid by and how much. New people I have sent you guys an email to let you know about the competitions and if your child or children would like to take part. There is no pressure being new members this season but please note we are a competitive squad and for the next season 2017-2018 all members must compete. ANYONE WHO ISNT COMPEITING IN THE COMPETITION MUST BUY A SPECTATOR TICKET. ​These are the rules of the organisation and also is a health and safety point they need to know exactly how many people are coming as well as they have a limit. Uniform for competitions is £65 and then £15 for a hair bow. If you’d like to order the uniform please get in contact. I will be measuring people who haven’t got one, and I will be putting in an order for new uniform on Thursday 9th March so there is a couple of weeks to pay for it either in full or instalments. Please get in contact if you’d like to order this. If you already have a uniform, please pay for this ASAP. On the other piece of paper are a list of these dates as well as catch up sessions please write them down on your calendars. Please note attendance is very important and leading to performances and competitions. These catch up sessions will help towards these performances as they are close to them. ​

There will also be a couple of catch up session during April Half term as well as the chance for workshops with Beth or myself. These will be out shortly along with fetes and Uckfield Festival we’ve been invited to do as well.

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