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What does my child need to wear to their first trial? 

We suggest they wear leggings and a T shirt and bring socks and trainers with them for them for the studios. No dresses or skirts. Other uniform can be purchased through the store or the app


What's the uniform? 

When you sign up and pay your enrolment fee you will get a T-shirt to train in and you will just need black leggings as this is also worn for performances.


Do they need any experience? 

No not at all, we will teach them all the fundamentals of Cheerleading. However any gymnastic background is useful.


Where is it? 

All recreational and competitive cheer is held every week at

RB Arts Academy, Unit 1, 52-60 Bell Lane, Uckfield,

TN22 1QL 


What's the cost of the classes? 

Recreational squad is £23 a month paid by direct debit, which we will send you a form to fill out and set up.  These classes are term time only but the fees are pro rated for the year making them more manageable.  

As a parent can I watch? 

We don't allow parents to watch, however on their first trial we allow it for the first 10 minutes at the studios.  


Will I need to buy the performance uniform or any other uniform? 

The performance uniform must be bought if your child is competing. However Recreational Squad do not need to buy the competition uniform they just wear their training tops and black leggings or shorts. And are welcome to purchase extra uniform such as hair bows, branded clothing and bags from the spirit elite shop. 


Anything else I will need to bring to my first class? 

Please make sure your child comes with a drink, as it is a sport cheerleading and it's important they stay hydrated.


Please arrive with plenty of time as it can be disruptive to the class if someone comes in late.


All jewellery must be removed or covered with tape for health and safety and hair must be tied back out of their face.

If you are leaving the premises you must provide the coach with a contact name and any medical information they should be  aware of 



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