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Competition and Stunt Squads are invite or try out process only. A child must have cheer, gym, acro or dance experience to be considered.

We require you to fully commit to the squad for the whole season.


Athletes must:

Joining Competition Squad

  • Wear correct uniform

  • Hair must be up 

  • No jewellery 

About the Squad

We are now in our 6th Season!

This year, due to Covid-19 we have scaled down to bring the love of cheer back for our athletes after being away for so long. 

We have 3 main teams; 

  • Youth Prep Level 1 Phoenix Stars

  • Senior Prep Level 1 Ultimate stars

  • Senior Level 2 Cosmic Stars


Our competition training sessions involve mainly working on tumbles and stunts until we have a choreographer who comes in and teaches the squads their competition routine. Once we have a routine we then spend each week we going over sections working towards a ‘full out’ doing the whole routine with full energy doing every skill.


Our aim is to build athletes with a strong focus on teamwork, passion for the sport and encourage personal development so that the athletes can reach their full potential.

We expect full dedication from our athletes and their families, and we guarantee full dedication from our Coaches.


For more information please email us at 

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