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Fitness Class

Adult Cheer

Adult Cheer -  Wednesday 8:30 -9:30pm at the studios/gym on the bellbrook industrial estate.

Ever wanted to be a cheerleader? We have the class for you! its a  Fun, fitness class with elements of cheer such as jumps, motions, some tumbles and stunts too!


Come along for a FREE trial! 


Beginners Class Tuesdays Tuesday 7:45-8:45 Mixed level ability. Taking some exercises from Grades as well as a exercises tailored to the class.

Please email Bexx for more information. 

Close Up of Tap Shoes



Due to the size of the new studio we can’t take anymore then 12 in a class so spaces are filling up fast already get booked in!


Get fit and have fun! A dance fitness class with easy-to-follow routines using glow sticks to club classics from the nineties to now. 

What happens in a Clubbercise class? 

After checking in you’ll be given a set of rave glow sticks. We darken the room, get the Laser lights & disco lights going and start with a simple warm up routine. Then we work up a sweat dancing to club classics from the 90′s to recent dance anthems. The routines are easy-to-follow and always have high or low impact options. 

What should I wear/bring? 

No heels! Just trainers and sportswear/streetwear/fitness clothing… something you can dance/rave in… and make sure you bring some water. 

Do I need to be an experienced dancer? 

Having rhythm helps but we deliberately make our routines easy-to-follow so anyone can have a go. 

Do I need to be fit? 

A reasonable level of fitness would help but we do teach high and low impact options so our classes are fine if you’re just starting out on a fitness regime or if you’re already a fitness freak!

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