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What does my child need to wear on their first trial? 

For Dance students they will need to wear something comfy they can move in such as leggings and a t shirt. Other uniform can be purchased through the store or the app. Trainers for Street Dance are essential and bare feet for contemporary, ballet and modern. Trainers or shoes can be worn for tap if they don't have any. 

What's the uniform? 

Head to the specific dance and Musical Theatre

genre pages to find out what the class uniform is. 

Where is it? 
 RB Arts Academy 

Unit 1

52-60 Bell Lane


TN22 1QL

What's the cost of the Classes? 

£25 a month for one hour and a half class 
£20 a month for one hour class
£18 a month for one 45 minute class
£15 a month for one 30 minute class 

The cost of Private Lessons must be discussed with the teacher.


You can pay by direct debit, which we will send you a form to fill out and set up. 

Do you offer discount? 

We now offer 

2-3 classes 10% discount 

4-5 Classes 15% discount 

6-7 Classes 20% discount 


This can be used with siblings too by adding their classes up and then seeing which discount bracket they fall into. Discount does not apply to competition groups and squads. 

Can I watch their trial? 

 We don't tend to allow parents to watch, however on their first trial we allow it for the first 10 minutes. Any children who aren't at school yet parents can watch the full class on their first trial incase the child is nervous or unsure. 

Anything else I will need to bring to my first class? 

Please make sure your child comes with a drink, it's important they stay hydrated.

Please arrive with plenty of time as it can be disruptive to the class if someone comes in late.

All jewellery must be removed or covered with tape for health and safety and hair must be tied back out of their face.

If you are leaving the premises please provide the teacher with a contact name and number and any medical information they should be are of.