Babies Ballet for 2-3 year olds

 Each week we will use the same warm up to get them ready for graded work. It will include some basic ballet exercises such as "Good Toes" and "Naughty Toes", plies and points, gallops and bounces, which will build into jumps and hopping eventually encouraging them to skip. Each term we will have a dance we work on every week as well as two prop exercises that will encourage rhythm, co-ordination and musicality .

In ballet we have uniform for all children from Pre-Reception up. Babies Ballet are welcome to wear a RB Arts Academy t-shirt and leggings, or any dress up tutu or ballet outfit they have. All ballet shoes though must be purchased through Bexx so they are fitted correctly. 

Pre-Reception Ballet for 3-4 year olds 

These classes will have a similar layout to the babies ballet class but contain harder movements and will be working at a quicker pace as well as the end routine having more content.

We now have available classes for children aged 4+  This class will have more structured lessons and will contain the same exercises throughout the year so that children can work towards an exam when they are ready.

Pre-Reception - Primary have a cerise Pink leotard with attached Chiffon skirt, pink ballet socks and pink leather ballet shoes. 


Grade 1 and above wear a raspberry coloured leotard, with a belt, tights or socks and pink leather ballet shoes.


No Jewellery and hair in a bun. 

ISTD Ballet Lessons 


We also offer ISTD ballet lessons for all school age children, this lesson will be more structured with syllabus work from the grades and the children will work towards taking their exams if they wish and are ready.

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